Monday, June 14, 2010

Weather and local food

From the last post, you can see the blue sky above our new country home. There is another color we often wake up to... grey. Thick, drizzly fog. Last night the fog began to appear around 8:00 pm ("Gosh, Lovey... are your car's windows dirty? Can you use the washers to clean it up? It sure looks hazy out there"). Twelve hours later and the fog is still here. It will burn off before noon, maybe before 10:00 am. It will be interesting to see how it effects crop growth when we plant next Spring.

We are meeting a few locals. Down the street from us - about two miles away, is a woman who's life dream is to sell her chicken's eggs and home grown herbs and veggies. We will be purchasing her eggs until we have our own chicks. She is a master gardener as well, so I picked her brain a bit (when do YOU plant your tomatoes in the ground? What can I grow - flowers and such - that the deer won't eat? How hot does it get?...). You see, we live on a hillside in a canyon, so there is a pretty steady wind (marine layer) that comes straight from the Pacific Ocean which is nine miles away. Funny thing - it was in the mid-80's and she said that it was unusually hot. Hmmmm.... again, it will be interesting to see what grows well and what does not.

Here are her chicken's eggs.... chicks that she has had since they were a day or so old, that have a good chicken life, that eat good chicken food. Eggs for $4.00/ dozen. Thank you very much!

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