Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Happy 29th to Me!

I have never given much thought to my birthday. It's a day that I happened to be born on, but it's really no big deal. Some people take the day off and celebrate the day of their birth. Not me. When I was in high school, it seems that I always got sick around my birthday - stomach flu mainly. Oh joy. In college, I had mid-terms every year on my birthday. Not too much to celebrate there. That set the foundation for how I marked the day of my birth.... just another day.
Until this year. Have you ever had one of those perfect days? Where you wake up in a great mood and everything seems right? Well, that's how this year's birthday was for me.

A ton of people that I've friended on facebook sent me birthday wishes. At work, Boss Lady closed the store and we had a fieldtrip to Stitches West. Ahhh... fiber! I spent WAY too much money and was also given a skein or two as presents! People wished me happy birthday in the aisles, and I was even serenaded. What lovely harmony!
 We then had a great Thai lunch at a local restaurant. Boss Lady knitted an Ishbel for me. Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!

Number One Son sang Happy Birthday over the phone. I have the message saved.

The Lovey surprised me with Date Night at Shadowbrook Restaurant, where my Mom and The Rancher met us. What a great surprise!

It was a perfect 29th birthday. Actually, it was a perfect day. Here's to a few more!

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The Chicken's Consigliere said...

Awww-happy birthday Syd! What a great day.