Tuesday, June 30, 2009


It's been Hot. HOT. We've had a relatively mild summer until this week-end... and then it jumped from the low 80's to 100 degrees. Yikes. Here's what cats do when hot:

Our whole house is strewn with cats splayed out as much as they can. Some lay on their backs, some on their stomachs. They are all miserable, but at least - for the time being - it's too hot to fight. Well, it cools down at night (I LOVE that about California. It might be hot in the day, but it cools down about 30 - 40 degrees or so at night. Makes for good sleeping weather!) so there tends to be a lot of activity while we're trying to sleep.

We are always looking for our "pretend house", a concept the Lovey and I have been dreaming about since just after we met. Basically, we think about what we would like our life to look like 'in the perfect world', and then try to find places that have aspects of our pretend house there. We explored an area of California I did not know existed this week-end: Panoche. It's in the middle of nowhere, and 40 miles away from a lot of different places. Panoche is in a valley, so it was about 110. Yep. Pretty darned hot. We found a PERFECT place to live... a newer home sitting on 160 acres. It's a mere $900,000 dollars. Too bad - just a TAD out of our price range. Oh well. What we did find that was interesting is this - Click the photo to enlarge. Enjoy the view:

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