Saturday, June 20, 2009


I would like to present roughly 180 onions, planted back in January:

Everyone asks me "What are you going to do with so many? My answer: use them! Our goal for doing all this is to eat from the garden for the year. No grocery shopping for produce. I am in the process of curing (drying) the onions.... they'll stay a couple days out on the pallet - in the sun. And then I'll braid them and store them in a cool, dry place. It's not hard to find a dry place here in CA, but the 'cool' part will be tough. Especially as we enter Summer. Although this summer is off to a cool start, temperatures in the low to mid 90s is common. So, I'll have to figure something out.
As far as groceries go, we'll still have to buy milk products, wheat, meat (the Lovey is a carnivore), oil and such things... but I am hoping that I can grow most of the rest.
What I can't grow, I want to get from local, organic farmers. I will can fruits like my gramma used to do. We are thinking about investing in yet another freezer and getting grass feed sides of beef, and whole hogs (all cut into eating portions. No butchers living at the homestead!).

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