Monday, April 6, 2009

The 206

So I went a little crazy. Actually, I was just being on the safe side. I planted 10 different types of tomato seeds, four of which I saved the seeds myself. Some of the other seeds were a few years old and I didn't know if they would grow.

The result? They all came up. 206 plants. And they all look really strong and healthy. I began to harden them off yesterday.

What will I do with 206 tomatoes, you might ask??? Well, I'm going to keep between 20 -30 to plant here on the extended homestead. Patrons of the Yarn Store have put in orders for five..., two..., six..... . My farmer has asked that she get several for her Standford students to plant around campus. And a chef friend of mine wants to pass around what is left in his neighborhood. Cool.

No waste. All natural. All heirloom. All gone. :-)

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