Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Yes, it's been awhile..............

I've been missing, and it's ok. Not like I have a huge readership anyway. Funny... I find I like to blog and get my thoughts out. Makes me feel like I've done something constructive while still in bed.

It's been a rough couple weeks at Casa LaB... I won't go into it because it is mostly other people's tragedies that have made it hard. It's hard to be on the sidelines. Be supportive, be someone to lean on, to listen to angst of grief and sadness. Sometimes - hell, most of the time - the world doesn't make sense.

What I have been reminded of is that what we have is today. Just today. So make it count. Today is our day to vote. Just vote. People have died for the privilege of being able to participate in their government. We, in the US, have about a 35% voting rate. Sad statistic for a nation. So go vote.

On a brighter note, the Lovey took me on a surprise week-end. It was Pack Your Bags, and off we went. We had a fancy dinner, spent the night at the beach (nothing better than to wake up to the sound of the ocean crashing!), and the week-end ended with a great concert. More about all this later.

The photo of the week-end is this bird. It's pouring down rain and this seagull wants to play fetch. Or not let anyone else play.

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knitwithit said...

I hope everything is okay, and I'm sure things will turn out bright! Sometimes it takes a little while, but things always turn around for the better just when people start to give up.

I'm glad you had a fun weekend, and I like the picture of the bird. :)

I'm off to vote.