Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Happy and Sad

Thrilled because we have a new sheriff in town! I am SO happy that we got it right this time. And, according to the Lovey, 65% of Americans voted. So for that I am also happy. Now, who will he pick to be on his cabinet? Oh.... I can just imagine!

Happy again because Californians got it right on the topics of abortion and animal rights.
But I am heartbroken, sad, disgusted, frustrated.... that Californians voted for discrimination, separatist ideas and 'less-than' status for people. PEOPLE!!!! I really don't get it. For all those that say 'God sanctioned marriage', I must remind you that the country was founded on the idea of a separate church and state. I'm totally fine with churches not marrying same sex couples, but for a people to support inequality, well, that just blows my mind. Fear is a powerful thing.

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no-blog-rachel said...

Beautifully said. Hope you don't mind (please say if you do) but I'd like to link to your blog from mine when I blog about Prop 8 later today. I just want to say that I liked how you said it and send people your way.