Friday, April 4, 2008

We are going to be parents!

Can you see them? Eggs!!!! Yes - eggs of the killdeer and we are thrilled. At first we didn't know that there are birds nesting in our garden. But there was a bird 'playing with us' every time we got near. We'd go into the garden to weed (there are a TON of weeds. Imagine a field that has not been tended in 40 or so years. The weeds are everywhere.), a bird would run around on the ground and spread its feathers and cry out. Beautiful!

Once we figured out what was going on and found the nest, I roped off the area so that we would not disturb the family - it seems that both the male and female sit on the eggs. It seems to be working... a bit. They are still wary of us. Who can blame them. Humans with shovels around eggs. Hmmm......

The kildeer are good parents... attentive, protective. It can't be easy to have a nest on the ground in an area full of people, ground squirrels and red hawks. Let's hope this family makes it to birth and beyond!

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