Saturday, February 23, 2008

New Beginnings

I did it. With the overwhelming support of David, I have quit my job to work in an area close to my heart... the earth. In my travels when I was an admissions rep for Johnson & Wales, I saw orchards and vineyards ripped up and replaced by housing developments in the middle of an area with already limited water supply. These developments provide much cheaper housing opportunities, but require huge commutes to areas where there are jobs (usually over 150 miles round trip). Developments so wrong on so many levels. The paving over of America's farmland. Ahhh where is the planning, the forethought?

Through a complete accident, I discovered Full Circle Farms in Sunnyvale, a non-profit grassroots 11 acre farm that is JUST beginning. I spoke to the founder and executive committee and was welcomed into the group as unofficial Assistant Garden Manager. So I gave notice, left my paying position and for the past week have been happily farming.

In the past week we have planted 90+ fruit trees (the first orchard to be planted in Sunnyvale in over 40 years), and have sent out requests for donations from seed ocompanys, and soon will be knee deep in dirt. I can't wait. I feel so strongly about the importance of this project... the reclaiming of city land to supply local, organic food to local people. In addition, there is a huge educational component - to educate and involve students in food growth and production. Wouldn't it be great for students to understand about food distribution channels and through our project, assist in changing the purchasing ways of their parents? I am excited about the opportunities.

Stay tuned my friends for progress, challenges, and growth at the farm!
Full Circle Farm, Sunnyvale


no-blog-rachel said...

Congratulations! I do believe my husband and I spread compost around what's going to be the vegetable garden area there a few weeks ago.

Carolynne said...

Hi Sydney,
You are being literally grounded! Congratulations and it's amazing that it was the first orchard planted in 40 years! That gives me goose bumps! All the best!