Friday, June 3, 2011

Rooftop Garden

So, it's been a long time since I have posted. Much has happened. Hopefully I can catch up and share with you what has been going on.

But today I want to show you the latest addition to Seven Cats Farm: A rooftop garden! Well, actually a garden with a roof.

You see, we have a problem at the farm. Last week, beans were ripped out of their beds. I called My Farmer and she said to cover my rows. So I did. I covered the beans. Yesterday, I was thrilled that everything planted was just starting to sprout. The transplants are greening up, and the directly planted seeds were starting to show their little heads. In two weeks I would have photos of a lush, green awesome garden. But Houston, we have a problem. I thought it would be gophers, but no. Our issue (today) is crows. Here you can see their damage.....

Crows have sampled everything I planted: beans, peppers, eggplant, corn, squash, melon. Ripped out of the ground were flowers, basil... The only thing that hasn't been picked are the tomatoes.

Was I sad? Yes. Mad? You bet. Defeated? Only for a moment.

After a quick check with the internet, I was off to Tractor Supply to get some sisal twine. I attached the twine to each of the t-posts that surround the field.... every eight feet. Using my incredible weaving skills (haha!) I wove a roof over the garden. The Lovey says it looks like the Holodeck from Star Trek.

My thought is that the crows will get spooked when they see they only have an eight foot square to fly in or out of. But - I didn't stop there. The Lovey had some CD's that he no longer needed. And lookie what I did!

When the wind blows, the CD's spin and throw off light. We'll see if it works. I also have mylar tape on order. The tape will reflect light like the cd's and will also make noise when windy. Wish me luck. I really would like my garden to grow.

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The Chicken's Consigliere said...

Wow. Are you and the Lovie wearing tinfoil hats, too? Kidding. Way to think it through and recycle old CDs. Got a cure for squirrels?