Wednesday, June 15, 2011


To get us all back on track, here's a recap (to catch up) on what's been happening at Seven Cats Farm~

We've done soil samples - both home kit and lab analyzed. The results have been close, with the lab giving us much more information. Basically, our soil lacks some nutrients and a LOT of organic matter (it's testing out at 2%). I'll need to increase the organic matter through compost and cover crops... need to increase this by at least one percent. I am aiming for a total of 5% organic matter, but that will take time.

We started plants
and more plants

and more plants!!

and then hardened them off.

The Lovey mowed the cover crop

tilled it in the field and made rows.

And then on May 15, we put deer fencing around our humble test field and began to plant tomatoes.

Yep - we dug two feet deep holes, put in fish heads (and tails), aspirin, bone meal, worm casting and a little bit of all purpose organic fertilizer, then covered that stinky mess and put in our little babies.

136 tomato plants were planted! Plus corn and beans, squash and pumpkins, carrots and beets, cucumber and eggplant, fennel and okra, cantaloupe and watermelon, peppers and herbs, and on and on....

We water in and wait. And wait.

In the meantime we've had some pretty fantastic days and nights. Not so warm for growing, but what a view!

Highs in the low to mid-60's are not so great for fast growth. I was beginning to think that my babies would stay healthy but really really small. The things I direct seeded did sprout, but would stagnate at one mature leaf set (that is, if the evil crows didn't get them).

And then - look what shows up! One month after planting and things ARE growing!

And I've added a little extra bling for crow control. Mylar bird tape. That's my kind of bling.

Speaking of crows..... I think I hear them. Time to get to the field and run around like a crazy person. If the shoe fits......

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