Saturday, January 1, 2011

Houston - We have Visual Contact

We had three cats in our pride, but when we released them, the largest and most feral of the cats took off. We haven't seen her/ him since, but have not given up hope. Margaret and Lynne from Project Purr say that sometimes ferals will return in time. We're giving her plenty of time.

Meanwhile, the two younger ones are not only hanging around, but they are hanging around with each other. Great news! That means they have each others' back. We all need someone to have our backs, don't we? They come when called in the morning (feeding time!) and have begun to show themselves every now and then. It looks like they are living under the back porch.

So - I give you photos of Oliver Twist ( the lighter one) and Charley (with the swirly coat). In some of the photos you can see the Universal sign of a 'fixed' feral - the clipped right ear.

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