Thursday, December 23, 2010

Born Free

Remember that song?

Born free, as free as the wind blows - As free as the grass grows - Born free to follow your heart....

Well, somewhere in between Thanksgiving and today, we released our Cat Pride. But first, we had to build them a safety house. The purpose of this safety house is to give them a place (hopefully where they are familiar) to run to in case they are being chased. They can enter through one door and get out the other door while the chaser will be none the wiser and give up the chase. At least that's the theory.

So the Lovey and the Gentleman Farmer (who, while visiting with his Wife, was given an extended stay by Mother Nature and the walloping storm she delivered to his hometown airport!) constructed the Safe house.

This is their entrance. We put the pallets on the bottom to keep the hay dry and to also deter other wild things (skunks mainly). The Lovey made straw 'steps', and then the cat door into the shed.

This is the inside of the shed. The Lovey put a shelf under the cat door so our pride have a place to land or a place to leave from - depending on which way they are going.

On the opposite side of the shed is the exit door. Here, the Gentleman Farmer tightens the frame.

Once again, the inside of the shed and the inside of the door. Where the Lovey is sitting now is a barrel of cat food. It acts as a step for our land lions, and also is a sealed container of their food. You know, I do not like going too far to feed them in the morning. I know.... I'm lazy.

Lastly, the lovey built a roof over the hay. He even went so far as to shingle it. What a guy! this will keep the hay and their food dry when it rains. He made it JUST IN TIME as the rains came in earnest when he was done!

Yes - we are still feeding our little guys. Occasionally we see them. The next time I do, I'll take a photo and post it. 

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