Friday, March 12, 2010

Went to see My Farmer this week

I went to see My Farmer this week. She’s been rather busy lately. Starting seeds, pulling weeds, making lesson plans, and caring for her newest project.

Welcome to the world, Son of Farmers. SoF is a healthy, well behaved, lip-smacking powerhouse of an eater and sleeper. I am told that he gets a little fussing when My Farmer pulls weeds. He’s a cutie, I tell you. He’s just learned about smiling, although I didn’t capture that event on camera. Maybe next visit.

While at the farm, we went to visit the sheep. It’s lambing season here – AND soon it will be shearing time. Just take a look at that fleece. Doesn’t it make you want to dive in? I can’t wait to spin some of this!

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Anonymous said...

So cute! (the baby I mean, but the animals, too)