Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Proof I DO knit!

I've been knitting this at the shop. It's a store sample, but really - it is mine. I bought the yarn. When it gets cold, I'll take it home.
This is the easiest pattern EVER! It's called Rambling Rows, and we carry the pattern at the store. I love it.
It's nice to actually finish something. I need to get a bit more disciplined in that... when one has 5 or 6 projects going all at once, it tends to get frustrating because there seems to be no progress. Well... there is progress, it's just hard to see. One project done, four to go.
And then there are all the things I WANT to do... make a quilt for my son, skirts for the Hawaii trip, a couple aprons, a few pillowcases, the Tempest sweater, Swallowtail Shawl, socks,..... And then there are the weaving lessons in November. And of course there is the farming. And work.
If I had a secret power, it would be that I wouldn't need sleep. Then I could stay up all night and sew and spin and knit and get caught up on pod casts and reading. During the day I could farm and work. But you don't see any mention of cleaning or cooking, do you!

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Hannah said...

Neat pattern. Very contemporary/modern looking.