Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Lovey says..... NO MORE DRAMA

I think we are all done with drama, sadness, getting our hopes up only to have the rug pulled out from under us. We like our nice, predictable, boring life. It's a good way to live. Living through weeks like we have had is just not enjoyable.

The saddest thing that occurred this past week was the death of the Lovey's 16 year old cat, O.D. (which stands for O'Dark Thirty... getting up when it is still dark). I met OD four years ago. He was a big cat, and certainly the ruler of the house. He immediately let the Lovey know that I was an okay human. I passed the Cat Test.

OD used up 5 or 6 of his nine lives before I even met him, so living for 16 years was no small feat. We were thankful for every day he was with us. He now has joined Squeak, buried in our back yard.

We have gone from a house with seven cats to a house with five in a very short time. I think that we will eventually get at least one more cat to fill the emptiness in the house. But not now. Neither of us can take it.

The other major drama is employment nonsense. It's a L O N G, drawn out saga. Let's just say, why are people stupid? The more and more exposure I have in my life, the less I want to be around people. Stupid people, that is. I am glad our social circle is small, and thankful that those I am surrounded by are very smart. I consider myself very lucky.

On the happy side of things, the Gentleman Farmer and his wife are coming for a visit on Thursday! They are staying with us for a week or so. We are planning a few trips with them... a visit to MY farmer and her husband, a jaunt to Yosemite, and then the Lovey will be solo when he takes them to Monterey, Mt. Hamilton, and other places.

The garden is doing quite fabulously. We are beginning to harvest things planted last Fall, and transplanting our starts into larger containers so they can continue to grow before planting in the garden. I am hoping that the Lovey might be able to coax the Gentleman Farmer into some manual labor for a day or so... we need to get the Mayor of Main Street's land ready for planting. Speaking of.... I need compost. LOTS of compost for the Mayor's land. Any ideas?

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(formerly) no-blog-rachel said...

Brian suggests Herbert Family Organic Farm in Hollister - they've got tons (literally) of nice organic compost. We got a load of it brought up here last year. Only drawback is you have to either rent something and haul it up yourself (that's what we did) or hire a trucking company. If you decide to go that route, tell Pat H. that Brian said Hi!