Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My girl, Friday

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Let me introduce you to Friday! She is a Polypay sheep and she is 7 days old. She lives in Minnesota, and I am her Godmother! I will also be the recipient of her fleece. Yippee!!!

I was given the honor of choosing her name. I gave this great thought and chose Friday, the Anglicized version of Frigga, one of the major Norse goddesses. As many of you know, I was an exchange student in Denmark and went on my honeymoon there as well. I have a soft spot for Scandinavia and this is a way that I can honor my adopted home.

Frigg is primarily seen as a wife and mother (significant because Polypays can lamb twice a year and usually give birth to twins), and also has the power of prophecy. Frigg's name means love or beloved one. Orion's belt was called Frigg's Distaff (a distaff is part of a spinning wheel) by the Norse people.

This is Friday's 'daaaaaaaaaaaady'. This is the Gentleman Farmer, the Lovey's best friend of 30 years. He was the Lovey's best man in our wedding. Today was the Farmer's 25th wedding anniversary. And he gave me a gift.

We got to meet Friday. Via Skype. But we were able to see her. She is a sweetie! You can tell that the two have taken to each other.


(formerly) no-blog-rachel said...

How cute is she?! I love that little fuzzy pink nose.

Felissa said...

I love her! But 7 days old, ouch!