Monday, December 1, 2008

What a Week!

My week started out with this:

A wonderful Wind Orchestra and Jazz performance at Fresno State. Of course, I have reason to travel the 3 hours to listen to great music and support young musicians. I would encourage all those who live close to colleges to support the arts at colleges. The quality of music (or theater, or art shows) is incredible, and the cost is um.... affordable! I paid $6.00 for a two hour concert! Amazing, and incredible talent.

And of course there was spinning and fiber antics!

During the Thanksgiving Break, I had Jeffrey and his cousin, Tim choose colors for my next batch of yarn. They chose red, yellow and plum. The ending product has very little yellow, but surprisingly, a LOT of brownish tones. Pretty cool. This batch I dyed yarn, roving and cleaned wool. I wanted to see what the difference is in final product. Should be a pretty fun experiment.

And I'll leave you with this.... nothing better than listening to my son play, having my husband next to me reading, and me spinning. Ahh.... I tell you. I was in heaven!

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