Thursday, September 4, 2008

Proud Mama

My son is a trumpet player in a 7 piece band based out of Fresno - HR7. Here is their first music video. Enjoy!

After you click the above link and go to the page scroll a little down and press the video arrow in the middle of the "Students Have Talent" screen to hear and see the music video! It's hard to see, but the 'Play' arrow is close to the 'e' in 'Students'.


Ted said...

You should be a pround Mama, I love the hat in the Video Jeffery...You look like a Kid from Southie !!!!

Francoise said...

Hey Syd, you can say that again...he is a gorgeous boy ;-)
Would love to see him again...
btw was there any music attached with the pitures of the other website?