Thursday, July 24, 2008

Too much zucchini!

I should start off the post with the fact that we should be very proud of ourselves! with just the 2 of us (Farmer S and me), in just 6 short weeks we have planted 2 1/2 acres of vegetables. They are all doing quite well, and now we have a bit of a harvest!

Here are Zucchinis Gone Wild! We have five 200-feet long beds planted with zucchini - patty pans, long green zukes, long golden zukes, round green ones, stripped.... lots. Here is a photo of the HUGE zukes I harvested last week. It was about 400 pounds worth of too-big-to-do-anything-with stuff. Most of it went to feed happy organic pigs and chickens.

We finally have an outlet at which to sell our produce! We needed somewhere to sell, so we do not have to continue to feed animals, and so we can feed PEOPLE! We've set up a farmer's stand on our prpoerty and have made over $200.00 in the past 3 days. Not bad. We're selling the squash, basil, potatoes, beans and cucumbers. Starting August 5th, we'll start having a CSA (couumnity supported agriculture) program, where people will pay quarterly, and every Wednesday they'll come collect a week's worth of produce for their family in one fell swoop. We are excited about the possibilities.

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