Wednesday, May 7, 2008


I'm in such a conundrum! I am transitioning from volunteering in the garden part time to volunteering on the farm full time! I will be transplanting over 2000 tomato plants, plus lord knows how many peppers, eggplant, etc. by the end of the month. I'll be taking care of the orchard, and learning how to production farm. All the things I wanted to learn how to do when I left my paying gig. I am THRILLED!!!

As you know, I am working at the yarn shop, Bobbin's Nest Studio .... and Erin says she wishes I could give her more hours. There just aren't enough hours in the day to do all the stuff I want to do! I'd LOVE to work more hours there! And then of course there is the spinning that is happening, a re-birth of my old 'business', Small Circles! I am thrilled about that as well. Erin wants to sell my yarn - exclusively at her shop. I'll need to begin spinning NOW, so I can have enough in stock when folks begin to knit with winter weight wool.

There is also a class I'd like to take in Northern California. It's on spinning and dying. Now that I am not going to be paid at the farm, I might want to re-evaluate my options and go ahead and take that week-long class. Hmmmm....

So many options of things I WANT to do. So little time. What a pickle I am in!

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f. pea said...

Wow, happy conundrums!