Sunday, October 9, 2011

Readying the Field, Part 1, or How To Efficiently Take Out T-posts

We have been preparing for our Fall planting at Seven Cats Farm. Our summer harvest is done, starts have been started, and the big project is getting the field prepped for planting.

The first thing we had to determine was HOW were we going to prep the field. Initially, I thought I would double dig the entire field. Yes, all 1/8th acre. We had fenced it in and didn't want to rip all the fencing out in order to get the tractor into the field. However, the Gentleman Farmer has been visiting from Minnesota and gave us some really good pointers. As a result, I didn't double dig. Phew.

So, for the tractor to get into the field, we needed to take out our fence. First, we cut the tie-wraps that attached the deer fencing to the t-posts. The fencing (7 1/2' high deer proof fencing) was then pulled away from the field area.

Next comes the tractor! Attach a long HEAVY chain to the tractor bucket.

Wrap the chain once, twice or three times around the t-post.

Lift the bucket.


Now repeat about 50 times.....

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Debbie said...

That idea is brilliant! I'm going to use that someday....