Thursday, September 1, 2011

There is more to a farm than tomatoes

It is interesting as I observe the pattern of the field. What turns ripe and must be picked, what can wait, what cannot. It's like it's own little symphony - with each section having it's own solo. Right now, it's the green beans that are having their moment in the spotlight.

I planted different types of beans. Three varieties of climbing green beans and several varieties of bush beans. Remember, this is a year of experimentation. I wanted to find out what works and what does not. What performs best. Since space is not an issue (yet), I decided to use as much space as I could.

Pole beans take some time to grow and are certainly more work as, well... you need to provide the poles for them to climb up. Bush beans - you just stick in the ground and they grow. But they have a limited life and if you want beans throughout the summer, you have to do some succession planting.

All in all, we have probably 65 feet of green beans planted. That's a lot. And now we are reaping the rewards. 57 pounds and counting. Right now it feels like a curse as we must process all of this. I am sure when there are no fresh beans on the vine, I'll be grateful for the canned and frozen beans, OUR beans grown in OUR field, that are in the pantry.

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