Thursday, September 8, 2011

And the times, they are a'changin'...

Lazy Housewife Beans
The field is telling us that we are entering a new season. There are a lot of yellows and orange on the field. Funny, yesterday was one of the hotter days here. I was thinking how Fall is arriving with the Summer weather. Today we are back to our normal of mid-60 degree temperatures.

The summer season plants are nearing their end and the Winter crops are being planted or the field is being prepared for them to be planted. In the meantime, I have some  things to carry me over.

The winter squash are doing fabulous! I stopped watering them yesterday to speed up the hardening off process. Here is one of the 'Cinderella Pumpkins'. My hand is in this shot on purpose so you can get an idea of size. It's heavy, too!

And here is the monthly beauty shot. It looks similar to last month's photo. Even without the tomatoes, I think the field still looks pretty darned good.

One more sunflower. Because I wanted to. :-)

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful photography. Beautiful garden. Simply beautiful!