Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Barn

We have a barn on Seven Cats Farm. A really cool, old barn. When we purchased the property there was some confusion surrounding it. Did it really belong to us? We took the surveyor's report and walked the perimeter of the land. We discovered lots of things, including the vast amount of poison oak growing EVERYWHERE. But we determined that yep, the barn is ours.

Fast forward a year and The Lovey has begun to clear out the barn. The first order of business was to cut the branches of the lovely old oak tree that were resting on the roof. The tree needs some professional attention, but for the time being my Lovey's love will have to do.

Then he began to clean out one of the rooms in our three-room palace. The treasures that were found in there... old barbed wire, ceramic sewer pipe, a rusted push mower, boxes of bolts and nails, an old plastic chair, two 55- gallon rusted oil drums, an old fireplace grate.... you get the picture.

Lastly, he began to grade the hillside approaching the barn. It's a tad steep and will someday require a little bit of a retaining wall, like so much of the land here. In the meantime, I am investigating orchard grass or some sort of alfalfa that will establish itself in filtered sunlight under an oak. A tall order.

We now have a parking place for the tractor. And soon, we just might have shelter for goats, the ultimate poison oak eaters.

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