Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Cover Crop

Remember this post? It was the first peak of growth in the cover crop that was planted in the rain. Ah, memories.

Well, here is the result of that cover crop:


 Bell Beans
 More peas - I think their flowers are beautiful.

The Lovey mowing around the field. It's a little weedy there!

There are a few reasons to plant a cover crop. There is no crop to harvest. This is a 'sacrificial crop' to feed and build the soil. While it is growing it keeps the weeds out of the field.

Much of what if grown captures nitrogen from the air and sends it to it's roots. The plant would use that if we would let it produce it's seed. But we don't. This crop is cut down prior to fruiting to keep the nitrogen in the soil AND to add organic matter back into the soil. A double win - nitrogen and fiber! We all need a little fiber in our diet!

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