Tuesday, February 8, 2011

By the numbers - a personal, photoless entry

  • THIRTEEN years ago this month I ended my marriage of THIRTEEN years. It was the hardest decision I have ever made. I knew that it would have a huge, immediate impact on THREE lives and who knows how many others it would effect. It took EIGHT months to gain enough courage to tell my now ex-husband that I wanted a divorce. There were FOUR years of hell that I lived in from the time I left my marriage until things began to settle down. I wouldn't want to live those days or years again, but that time shaped me in ways I cannot begin to explain.
2004 was a magical year. It was the year I returned to California, that #1 son moved to California, that I met The Lovey, that #1 Son was accepted into The Blue Devils A Corps. It was like everything fell into place that was supposed to. No pushing, squeezing, trying to make things work. It all just 'did'. It was the beginning of my dream life. My current life.

  • I have ONE son. He is ONE of the best things that has ever entered my life.
  • The other ONE best thing that has happened to me is my husband, The Lovey. I have never known love like this.
  • We have TWO outside kitties, our livestock
  • I have been farming for THREE years. Who would have thought that an apprenticeship would lead to ONE incredible friendship and a new life on a farm of my own.
  • We interviewed FIVE people before we found the FIRST people to rent to.
  • Judith MacKenzie has 6,000 pounds of fiber. After moving my fiber stash to the farm, I discovered I have much fiber than I thought. I can't compete with Judith, but I might be close.
  • I was married on 7-7-07 at 3:04 (because 3+4=7)
  • I live on Seven Cats Farm
  • My Lovey's Birthday is on the 7th.
  • We have EIGHT inside cats here on the Farm, except that the eighth one is buried on a hillside.
  • I have moved NINE times in THIRTEEN years. Considering I've lived 4 1/2 years at my last address, I think that this is a lot of moves for a grown woman.
  • I have lived NINE months in my current home, La Casa de los SIETE Gatos. This is my forever home. The place I plan to live all the rest of my days. To live here. And to die here.
  • Our farm sits on TEN acres.
  • On the THIRTEENTH of this month, we will plant TWENTY THREE fruit trees. And with fruit trees planted as an orchard, a farm begins.
  • Who says THIRTEEN is unlucky? I think it's a good number.


The Chicken's Consigliere said...

hi there, historically speaking, the number 13 is highly underrated. Historically, meaning druids, pagans, romans and all that stuff. Presently speaking, from what I know, you have about 7 million friends that think you are number 1. I'm just one:-)

Sydney said...

Oh Sue! Thanks so much! And I think was a druid or pagan or something in my past life. You know, I talk to trees and stuff. And Jeffrey used to sleep with rocks. Go figure!

(formerly) no-blog-rachel said...

What an awesome post!

Debbie said...

Today is the 13th -- how are the trees?? I'm eager to see pics when you are not so tired from planting.

And you can even choose to be a druid or pagan in this life, not just a past one. Such is the joy of California! :-)