Tuesday, November 9, 2010

What a Perfect Time for a Rain Storm

Last weekend the Lovey and I practiced using our new tractor (we still haven't decided on a name). Last week, I ordered cover crop seeds to plant on that field. Our soil is very sandy, so cover crop will do four things: 1) keep the soil in place, 2) add organic matter and 3) fix nitrogen into the soil, and 4) bring bees into the field.

When we first moved in, I was sure this field would be our main field. As I observed it more and more, I determined that it doesn't get enough sun (the trees on the east and west shade it for all but about two hours a day). There is a patch at the most southern edge that gets good sun, so that will be our test patch this year. The rest will be pasture.

It took a week to get the seed in. The Lovey and I picked it up on Saturday. And then we saw the weather forecast: Rain on Sunday! We woke up, had a cup of coffee (mandatory), did a quick bit of seed math and then went out to spread the seed.

This first field is a quarter acre and I ordered two types of seed: One is a 50 pound blend of oats, purple vetch, dundale peas and bell beans.

The other was 20 pounds of buckwheat.

I got the buckwheat for the bee attraction, and the blend is to secure nitrogen in the soil. I added two parts buckwheat to five parts of the blend (the highlight is for me, so I can remember what I did!).

The Lovey and I then broadcast all the seeds in the field. In the rain. I've got to tell you, it was fabulous. The rain is doing the watering in work for us. It was perfect. And I cried. This is yet another milestone in the beginnings of our farm.


The Chicken's Consigliere said...

Wow. The photo of the buckwheat is beautiful. It sort of looks like river rocks. Good luck with the rain! I found this website, and I thought of you. She has a nice crafts section:

Lilia said...

Oh, Sydney - I'm so happy for you guys...and your land is BEAUTIFUL!!! :-)