Monday, November 29, 2010

Our First Livestock

Seven Cats Farm has it's first working animals. That's right. A pride of cats. Cats for rodent control on the farm. An organic way to help decrease the rodent population that might go after the (future) chicken feed. Or moles that will eat roots of veggies.... or.... or.....


Project Purr out of Santa Cruz, CA helps relocate feral cats that have lost their habitat or spare non-adoptable cats in shelters from an untimely death. They have quite a process to help ensure success.

Our little tigers came to us in a large hutch which was put on saw horses to keep them above the ground. We feed them in the morning, take the food out of the hutch at night, and clean their little box. They are imprinting on our land and are getting used to us calling when we bring food.

Next week, when we have their safety house ready (they need shelter from those that might hunt them), we will let them out for them to begin their work. We will continue to feed them daily. If they are not good hunters, they will need food. And, believe it or not, even if they DON'T hunt, the smell of their urine will help keep the little rodents away.

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