Monday, October 25, 2010

Orange Just Might Be My Favorite Color

We ordered it three weeks ago.

It took longer to arrive than we thought.

It arrived today.

They had to do some welding on it.

To make beds. It also has a lawnmower attachment.

Look at that man drive a tractor!

The Lovey and I are VERY pleased.

I am terrified. The farm is real now.


Sarah said...

cool! what tractor is it again? It is slightly larger than the one I just got. what have you done with it already???? getting ready to put in a cover crop??

David Buuck said...

It is a B3200, with a LandPride flail mower and LandPride reverse-tine tiller, with bed-former.

Debbie said...

My goodness that is a BEAUTY! Wow. I am quite impressed. You are a real-deal farmer now!