Friday, October 29, 2010

How a Spider Interrupts Internet Service

We have some very acrobatic spiders at the homestead. I am sure that there will be many spiderweb photos on this blog. They are beautiful. Here is one that is not so beautiful, but very interesting!

We have Internet access via satellite and our connection was very slow for a few days. It's usually slow, but this was WAY slow. The Lovey, fixer of all things computer, couldn't figure it out. Then we were outside and the Lovey looked at the satellite dish. He was surprised that the spider didn't fry because of  where she had made her web. Take a look at what slowed our service way down!

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Anonymous said...

holy cow. Is that really the spider in the middle. Shudder. We've had some bigger than I've ever seen them in our backyard this summer.