Thursday, July 1, 2010

Sleep well, little one

We were introduced to her with the name G.G. which stood for Gorgeous Girl. She'd been at the Humane Society for six months, living in a small cage. She had stopped trying to get people's attention and spent the majority of her time with her face toward the wall. She broke my heart.

We took her home and renamed our six-pound lion Ayashe, Cherokee for "Little One". She immediately made her place in our home. He already had three cats, I brought two, but Ayashe was the first 'our' cat.

Yashe was cranky, didn't want to be bothered, and picked up bad 'bathroom' habits which she quickly expanded upon. But at night she would curl up on our bed and cuddle right in. She would stay there until morning.

Thirteen months ago, Ayshe had her first of several pancreatitus attacks. We changed her food several times, going to the extreme of making raw food, getting a grinding tool to grind bones and cooked chicken, freezing the weird concoction in hard-to-find ice cube trays..... and taking her to get acupuncture. The combination of Western and Eastern medicine did her good. Until last week. It was her time.

She was a little fighter. A girl that won you over because she was so loving at night you thought for sure you would see a tad of that during the day (nope).

She is now on our hillside with a flagstone as a marker. She will see the sunrise and sunset everyday. The sun will shine on her all day to keep her warm.

Good night, Yash. Your tiny body has left a big hole in our hearts.


Erin said...

Even the cranky ones leave a pawprint on your heart. I am so sorry Syd and David.

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry for your loss. Sending hugs from Texas.