Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Inside Casa de los Siete Gatos

Today was our new home inspection. It's a 40+ year old home, so we weren't expecting the house to be without issue. There are a few places where there are termites. The kitchen sink faucet and dishwasher have leaks. But - we have a four year young roof, a two year young well and water storage system. What we found out today is that the house is REALLY well insulated and the pipes are all copper.

Cosmetically, we'll do some work on the inside. The beautiful thing is that there is very little that NEEDS to be done. We can do things as we need or as we have extra money set aside.

So with that, I give you the inside of the Casa. Be kind, knowing that we will be making changes. When we can. When we want. Yes - the red carpet will go, as well the wallpaper and the paneling. Ann Christine - feel free to go crazy with suggestions. And if you want more photos - I can get them to you!

The living room:

The Kitchen:

The breakfast nook and the dining area?:
One of the bedrooms and the Sunroom:

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