Thursday, October 15, 2009

5 Years Ago

The Lovey and I met on line. I swore I would never do such a thing.... put myself on or any other site. It was... well - just not the way to do things.

I had thankfully returned to California after a VERY long absence. I was thrilled to be back home, but then it hit me. I knew no one. I knew my mom, but she is, well... my MOM. I wanted my own friends. And maybe a few dinner dates. So up on I went.

The Lovey was the first to email me. I wrote back. And then he responded by saying that he was off to Boston for a week and would write when he came back. Yeah, right... I thought. Well, the Red Sox won the world series, and sure enough, The Lovey wrote when he got back home. Miracles do happen.

Five years ago today I met my husband. On Line. We emailed. We were 'new'. I NEVER thought we would be here today. Married. Cats. Farming. Spinning. HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Anniversary, Lovey. I can't imagine a day without you.

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(formerly) no-blog-rachel said...

Sweet! Brian and I met on Match too. Married 4 months to the day after we met face-to-face. And we started dating/got married while I was going through chemo. You can definitely meet the good ones on line if you can just recognize them. We all proved it!