Monday, September 14, 2009

What's New?

Well. It's a car. That's what's new! I've NEVER had a new car in my life. 'New-to-me', yes. But never 'off-the-lot' new.

Number One Son graduates (fingers crossed everybody!!!) at the end of this semester. It has always been my intention to give him my car when he graduates. I bought the Honda with that idea in mind.

We began looking for a car about two months ago. You know, perusing the Internet, checking out mileage, performance, etc. There were MANY conversations.... do we want a 4-wheel drive car, a truck, where will we be living in a few years, how will I be using the car... and on and on and on. After much thought, it was determined that we PROBABLY won't be moving to anywhere different permanently for another 10 years or so, which means that if/ when we drive to land that we purchase, it will in The Lovey's Trar, which already has 4-wheel drive.
So I began to focus on used cars. I got a crush on the Mini Cooper. However after driving it, I found it was just too small. Great performance, gas mileage, and yes - FUN! But for me, it's just not practical. The Lovey wanted to get a (new) Nissan Versa. He liked saying it because it was featured in many episodes in Heroes last season, but it also has good statistics. The Lovey also really wanted to get a new car for me. He wanted me to have the experience of driving a brandy new NEW car. I poo pooed the idea away.

Until we got to the Nissan dealership and I saw the Cube. It's been in Japan for awhile, but this is the first time in the US. So I couldn't get a used one. On Saturday the Lovey surprised me with this new car (yes- he got his way. It's NEW). It had balloons on it. Perfect. Roomy. Fancy wheels (or is it tires?). Milk truck white. Great gas mileage. I got to drive it off the show room floor.
Some of the differences of buying new vs. used you ask? Well, they give you a tour... here is where the windshield wipers are.... here is your maintenance schedule, gas tank's over here. AND - your windshield is clean. Clear and clean and with no scratches. I love it.
Some of the things we are going to add: stain and paint protection - inside and out. Possibly a sun-roof. And cow spots. What would a milk truck be without cow spots!

I am spoiled rotten by a man who loves me. Really loves me. REALLY REALLY REALLY loves me. REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY... well, you get the point.