Monday, September 7, 2009

If only......

.... I had space. Space to raise sheep, that is! I've already figured out how to use other people's backyards to grow food. The lovey is planning on getting chickens for eggs this upcoming Spring, but for THIS.... I need acreage!

Susan is the shepherdess at Martha's Vineyard Fiber Farm. She is an extraordinary woman who takes incredible care of her sheep and goats. She would like to help someone else get started in this - well, I was going to say 'industry', but it is really a way of life - by giving away some of her angora goat flock to a worthy person.
This is a give-away, so an essay needs to be written and submitted.... and it will be looked over with a fine tooth comb. I won't even attempt to enter, I don't have the room. The desire is there, but certainly not the room. Sigh.

Farming is hard work. I appreciate that on the very small level that I do. Raising animals is SO much more work. You work on their schedule instead of your own. But I can only imagine that the rewards are that much greater. After all, when has a carrot come over to greet you or given you a little kiss?

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