Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Bean, beans, the magical fruit....

It's harvest... a CRAZY time of year when you need to harvest what you have, pull what is not producing anymore, start seeds for the fall/ winter garden, amend the soil, and plant for the winter. So I am harvesting like a fiend, clearing the fields of what is spent, and praying that the tomatoes keep on going! There are two types of beans: green (where you pick them and eat them pod and all. They can be purple, yellow, or green, but they are all categorized as green bean in my book) and Shelling. Shelling beans are left on the vine to dry. They keep for the year. When you go to the grocery store and see pinto and kidney beans in one pound plastic packages, you know those are shelling beans. You know, you have to soak them in water and then cook them to get them soft. Yeah - those!
Yesterday I harvested all the shelling beans from two gardens.
They are beautiful. These beans are called Calypso, although some folks call them Yin and Yang. The Baroness calls them Orca because it reminds her of a great white shark. These beans are lovely, round and most of them are black and white. Some are all black or all white, but those are few and far between.
I'll post photos of the others as I shell them. They are all different. And beautiful.

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Hannah said...

Beautiful beans! What do they taste like? I'd love a few to photograph too if you want to share :)