Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Living on the Edge

As part of our goal to eat from our garden(s) year-round, we need to do things to extend the harvest. Canning veggies is one way to be able to eat your home grown stuff year round. Green beans are probably the second most popular vegetables to preserve (the most popular being tomatoes). They are also firmly identified as being the single most likely source of botulism poisoning among home-canned foods.
Knowing that, the Lovey and I are very careful, sterile everything, and follow the canning directions exactly. One thing that is a MUST is a pressure canner. A regular water bath doesn't work in keeping you safe from botulism.

We picked 5 1/2 pounds of green beans (there is no magic poundage... that was just how much we harvested), washed them, and blanched them for 3 minutes. Then we put them in a pint jar and put the blanching liquid in them up to the top.

Next they get the lids and bands on, and then are pressure canned for about 25 minutes. Many pressure canners have a gauge on them. Mine does not, so we have to take an extra step and make it steam for 10 minutes.

The end result, are beans! We are always very conscious of when we are eating home canned beans. So far, so good! And they taste awesome!

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