Thursday, July 9, 2009

What's New?

I learned about Pee Power today. Interesting.

Also got the soil analysis back for the Baroness's land. I knew there was trouble in River City. She has REALLY clay soil, and plants were not doing so well. That, and we planted that ground a month after we planted the Mayor's yard equals slow growing, head scratching progress. Here are a few photos:

Bindweed and Bermuda grass are growing great... but the eggplant has not grown AT ALL in a month. I'm leaving it in the ground just to see what happens. The tomatoes are doing alright, but the peppers, beans, squash... not so good.
According to the soil report, the PH level is 7.9. That's WAY alkaline. When a soil is too alkaline, the veggies can't take the nutrients from the soil. So this makes sense as to why the veggies aren't growing. So we get to add a bunch of stuff to make the soil a bit more acid, and also some "green sand" to help loosen up the clay and add some trace minerals to the soil.
Thank goodness for chemistry!

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