Sunday, May 31, 2009

What we've been doing Part 2

So here is the most current photo of The Mayor's backyard. These tomatoes (on the right) are part of the original 206. I planted them between 1 1/2 and 2 feet deep and now they are mid-thigh high. We've staked them with t-posts and twine. Twine stretches as time goes by, but it will decompose well. We'll chop it up at the end of the season and put it in the compost.

On the left are beans. A bunch of different types of pole beans. Again, they are stakes with t-poles and twine. Some folks prefer beauty in the garden. I prefer (at least this year) function. Hopefully next year I'll be able to do both.

In the back - you can see the beginning of our Starbucks coffee ground collection. I am pretty excited about that. Free coffee grounds to increase the acid in the soil! Here is a close-up!

And here's the progress at the Baroness's land:
If you look at the post below, you can see the before pictures. Now we have seven (yes, Seven. In honor of 7-7-07, the day we were married) straight rows. Irrigation will go in today.

Both plots are roughly 1000 square feet. The Mayor's plot has 5 rows and is interrupted by a few trees and a cactus. The Baroness has seven. We want to see how much we can pack into our 1000 square foot model.

This backyard is roughly one month behind The Mayor's yard. The tomatoes were started after the 206 were all given away. Many things have been direct seeded. I am confident that this garden will catch up to the Mayor's. First off, the California growing season is AWESOME!, and second, this plot gets more sun.

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