Tuesday, February 10, 2009

What's growin' on the farm?

What an exciting time on the Back 40! So what are we growing?

There is a lot of preparation going on. Here is a photo of half of our compost bin. This bin was made from wooden pallets rescued from the garbage by the Lovey. He made a 2-stall compost bin - we really would like a 3-stall system, but space is a premium at the Homestead, so 2-stalls will have to do. We use half to collect 'stuff'... food scraps from the kitchen (no meat, of course) that didn't make it into the vermiculture containers, cut grass, dried leaves, cuttings from gardening maintenance, etc. Once full, we stop filling that side and begin to fill the second side. In the first side, we stir it up once a week to aerate the compost, and of course, we say hello to the worker worms that show up and work their magic.

The sun is shining in the sun room, the perfect time (actually I'm a tad late) in starting seeds! Yesterday I planted some lettuces, spinach, Swiss chard, and cabbage. Today I will plant some tomato seeds that I saved from last year's bounty. The seed-saving was an experiment on my part, so I am excited to see if I did it right. And today I am looking at the Seed Savers catalog to determine what I'll be ordering for the summer. Exciting, now that I can plant in the Mayor of Main Street's backyard!

We also have crops of another sort growing! These are not so good. The Lovey has been growing what I call 'floaty things' in his knee... it's what the medical folks call 'foreign bodies'. No, no Alien movies being filmed at the Homestead, but a lot of surgery, medical bills, ice, crutches, canes and visits to the senior center (for rehab!) going on here. The Lovey has had two surgeries in seven weeks. This does not make either of us happy. Of course, he's the one that goes through the extreme pain and frustration. I just sit on the sideline, watch and wish that I could do something more than bring chicken soup and ice to him. I told the doctor that I'd like the next batch of bodies to be diamonds. What says love more, than home grown diamonds from your husband's knee?

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