Wednesday, January 7, 2009

12 Days and Counting

Twelve days until our esteemed leader hands over the Office of President to his successor. I have read that there will be parties. Not so much inaugural parties, but parties celebrating the exit of W. Very interesting. I think that we at our homestead will take more of the high road approach and celebrate the positive of a new sheriff in town instead of relive the inadequacies of our current, um, 'leader'.

My Lovey is out of town this week, visiting his parents in the frozen tundra called Indiana! Brrr.... He has encountered snow, freezing rain, and the grey-ness which is Winter in the Mid-West.

He played Santa and brought hand-made scarves to the folks to keep their necks warm. He also is sporting his new cashmere cowl. It was made with love to keep his neck - and ears if necessary - warm. Isn't he a handsome guy! Hunka hunka burnin' love, I tell you. I am a lucky girl.

Lucky in so many ways, but one specific way is this: He puts up with fiber. Encourages it in fact! This arrived on my doorstep on New Year's Eve... a 10 pound box of mystery fiber purchased from here (btw, I can't say enough about the customer service of these folks)... white and grey wools that I get to spin. And so what does he say? Instead of a 'normal' spousal response of "What - more of this stuff?", the box is greeted with anticipation of what might be inside, what will it look like, feel like and Ooh... can I start with the grey first! What a guy. So now, in addition to the 22 pounds of RAW fleece in the garage, I have 10 pounds of processed fleece in the house. Ahh... life is good! And I have a feeling that there is more of this to come.

While The Lovey has been gone, I am responsible for the homestead... feeding all the beasts, taking care of the back 40 and making sure that all things are going smoothly. So far, so good! Well, except for the potatoes that froze in the backyard.

We have one cat that insists that, in addition to owning us and telling us what to do, she also does not want to do her 'business' in the box(es) provided for that specific purpose. We are taking advantage of re-training her while Lovey is gone. It's an easy enough process. We put her in a bathroom with food, water, and a box and after a week, she remembers what she is supposed to do! I visit her twice a day to tell her what a fabulous girl she is (of course she knows this). It's an easy process, but she is very vocal about NOT being happy that she is in jail. Oh well.

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